Deliverables BasicStandardPremium
Whistleblower policy for the company Pre-definedCustomizedCustomized
Training video Count of videos 123
Type of contentPre-recordedPre-recordedCustomized
Communication posters Count of languages 3712
Type of content Pre-definedCustomizedCustomized
Complaint reporting mechanism: Online complaint form YesYesYes
24 X 7 hotline (interaction + voicemail) YesYesYes
Email YesYesYes
Postal YesYesYes
Web-page (accessible to all employees) CustomizedCustomizedCustomized
Case management: Secured access to whistleblower YesYesYes
Secured access to company YesYesYes
Chat mechanism with whistleblower YesYesYes
Initial screening of complaints NoNoYes
Reporting to the company Half yearlyQuarterlyMonthly
Pricing: One time set-up cost 22500 35000 50000
Annual subscription (starting at) 15000 17500 21500
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